Title Track on the new album #EastWestFresh which is available now on iTunes. It's 10 joints of Ill to the 3rd Power: Domingo on the beat, LD on the cut & Brazy on the Rhyme. Just in time for the Holidays. Joy to the World. Peace on Earth.


Do Not Attempt to Adjust the Sound.
We are Controlling the Transmission.

Domingo, Brazy & LD!

The Dope shit hits your ears, Bangs the Drum, Snares your brain
You blink, think, feeling HipHop, surge in your veins
Move, squint your eyes, hair rises off of your skin
Let your Body Rock, Head Nod, Elbow your Friend
Because its happened again, you've come across that Fresh
Turn it up, Feel the BoomBap into your chest
Let the Rhyme digest, travel the soul, unfold
Picture of the present, let the truth be told
We be rockin it Live, Fresh, World Wide
Power light to the people, with the energy we vibe
Transmit thru the web and bounce thru the skys
Best served thru the flesh, wax burnin, Amplified
We here to provide, fill the vaccume
Deciples of dope, delivered at full boom
complement any room, put the jump in any spot
It's Domingo & Brazy, we that ILL HipHop

HipHop Tracks

It started with the first thirst for life, gave birth
into the new millennium - evolution of earth
It's the tickin of the time that has a story to tell
Ultimately in the end, Nature always prevails
So in between, I dream, conceive, believe, achieve
Blessings from the gods, Livin Right, No Deceit
Small feat, in the relapse of the system syntax
Error for the era, Attack, Live and React
Put my life on that track, its come a long way
Never perfect, let all interpret what they may
So I say what I feel, real, from the Heart
Set the Micraphone on Fire, use my Soul as the Spark

HipHop Tracks

That arose, when I chose to speak in Rhythmic prose
Sizemic load, Acidic, Make my Evil Erode
Link likeing in mind, Network in Kind
Bringin Sound to the Def and Sight to the Blind
Press Record, Then Rewind, Play that Dope Shit Again
When Domingo dropped the Beat, I picked it up like the Wind
And Drove it with emotion, Cultural Devotion
Brazy rock a Rhyme more styles than waves in the Ocean
So if you've got that Notion, Blaze a trail for Life
Live as an Example, Smash StereoTypes
Raise the Bar of Integrity, Be True to Your Actions
Give Hope to Humanity, Find Satisfaction
In the Simplest of Pleasures, Fell the Energy of Peace
Let it move you to the mirror, see the back ground of the Beast
Everythings within Reach, Go and Write your Story
Win or Lose, You Choose, Take Control of that Homie

HipHop Tracks


released November 14, 2012
Domingo on the Beat
Brazy on the Rhyme
LD on the Cut

Inspired by Alex Guzman



all rights reserved


Brazy Las Vegas, Nevada

A Los Angeles native and current Las Vegas resident, Brazy has been rhyming for 20 years.
In 1999 the homie Alex Guzman (REST IN PEACE, MY BROTHER, YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY THOUGHTS AND PART OF MY MUSIC) bankrolled his first wax release, 'ManueLabor'. Download for free at www.buddaco.com
10 years later Brazy released 'Hecho En Califas' which you can download for free at www.la2thebay.com
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